WeighStation XL Bag Holder & Weighing Platform

WeighStation XL Bag Holder Weighing PlatformWeighStation Advantage

Upstream/Downstream Bag Support and Weighing Platform:

  1. Accommodates Process Flexibility as the WeighStation is designed for Compatibility with Bags from any Manufacturer.
  2. Natural Turbulent Mixing with Vertical Bag Orientation and Proper Port Placement.
  3. Reduction in Floor Space Footprint and Increase in Portability comparative to a floor scale.
  4. Mobility and Minimized Risk of Cross Contamination in using disposable bags make the WeighStation Ideal for Transport between Suites and Applications.

Multiple Applications:

WeighStation XL Bag Holder Weighing Platform

The WeighStation is a mobile, compact, vertical bag holder with integrated load cells and local display of measured weight. Functional as a standalone device or can be integrated into SciLog processing platforms for dispensing and purification. The WeighStation is ideal for Upstream/Downstream development, pilot, or small scale manufacturing applications including:

  • Retentate or Permeate Quantification for TFF
  • Transfer of Bioreactor Contents
  • Buffer Storage & Preparation
  • Any other application where floor space and cross-contamination are concerns

System Compatibility:

The WeighStation is compatible with all existing SciLog Products, including:


SciLog Part Number: 900-WSTN
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