SciFlex 140 Single-Use Normal Flow Filtration Front The SciFlex 140 is a proven bioprocessing platform for use in discovery to production scale disposable normal flow or dead-end filtration applications.  SciLog’s patented technology within the SciFlex enables constant pressure or constant rate NFF via a pump PID loop including disposable inline pressure sensors.  This technology is compatible with any commercially available filter (including depth, clarification, sterilization, pod, column etc.).  The SciFlex embodies Open Architecture’s benefits, making it a built in failsafe for crucial operations, in which downtime is not an option.  Two SciFlex skids that can accept similar but distinct manifolds can guarantee continuous operation.

The 10.4” touch screen HMI and pre-installed operational software, allow users to create and execute discrete processing steps for constant rate or pressure dead-end filtration. The system also includes SciLog’s patented Rate-Pressure Mode to deliver an unprecedented 30% increase in filter throughput before fouling.  User-selectable end points and alarms enable hands-free operation and ensure safe, consistent process performance.
To relieve operators from hand recording data, this system supports FlexDaq, SciLog’s real-time data collection and graphing software package.  Alternately, OPC connectivity for a plant wide data historian is also available.

SciFlex Advantage

  • Open Architecture™ system includes; limitless potential for customization, modular design (for seamless addition or removal of components or functionality), and adaptable process flow designs (for plug and go operation within or in addition to existing processes).
  • Intuitive software requires very short learning curve (<15mins).
  • Off the shelf system includes straightforward and powerful, walk-away automation, improves filter throughput using patented rate-pressure controlled feed.
  • Integrated scale for highly accurate filtration endpoints.
  • Options for fully disposable, semi-disposable, or stainless CIP flowpaths.
  • Configurable for multiple or flexible processes.
  • Self-Contained system that will accommodate any commercially available filter.
  • Touch-screen interface with optional OPC connectivity for process documentation or remote control.
  • Mobile and compact base.
  • User configurable alarms.

SciFlex Clarification

SciFlex semi-automated clarification is an effective strategy for many upstream and downstream processes. The same system will work with nearly every commercially available filter and due to a combination of disposable inline pressure sensors and a low sheer peristaltic pump, the system readily adapts to a significant range of solution viscosities easily handling up to 20 cP. This automated system frees up operators to monitor other crucial tasks while the user friendly SciFlex dependably filters, clarifies, harvests, or purifies. Pre-packaged gamma-irradiated disposable manifolds paired with the SciFlex practically eliminate cleaning and cleaning validation times.

SciFlex Buffer Preparation

The SciFlex semi-automated NFF system is capable of unsupervised buffer sterile filtration. This capability paired with its compact mobile design and disposable manifolds allows a single SciFlex to be used unilaterally across multiple buffers with zero risk of contamination and zero cleaning time. The SciFlex 140-NFF provides automated pressure control, user-selected alarms as well as automated NFF data collection and a real-time trend graphing utility.

SciFlex RP-Stat Method

The SciFlex NFF system incorporates SciLog’s patented RP-stat mode, an innovation which has resulted in significant improvements in filter life expectancy. This is done by selecting three simple process variables including initial flow rate, maximum inlet pressure, and minimum flow rate. By using the RP stat method, as the membrane begins to foul, the SciFlex NFF system dynamically adjusts the flow rate which allows additional product to pass through the filter before the membrane fouls.

SciFlex 140 Product Information

SciFlex 140 Models & Specs
Part Numbers: 900-040-0 900-040-1 900-040-2 900-040-3 900-040-4
Foot Print 20" x 30" 20" x 30" 20" x 30" 20" x 30" 20" x 30"
Single Use Yes
Flow Range (L/min) 0.5-21 0.25-12 0.25-8; 0.5-16 0.2-22 0.5-80
Recommended Pump Head Peristaltic Peristaltic Diaphragm Magnetic Magnetic
Filter Type Depth/Dead End/Sterilization/Capsule/Pod
Flow Path Flex Tubing, Single-Use
Typical Hold-up Volume < 200 mL < 100 mL < 200 mL < 200 mL < 300 mL
High Pressure Limit 30 PSI 60 PSI 60 PSI 30 PSI 60 PSI
Pressure Measurement 3 Sensors Included
Automated Pressure Control Yes
Conductivity Measurement Optioinal
Temperature Measurement Optional
Turbidity / UV Optional
Inlet Pump Manufacturer Watson Marlow Watson Marlow Quattro Levitronix Levitronix
Inlet Pump Model 701RE 620RE4 1200SU BP200 BPS-4
R-P Stat Mode Yes
Constant Pressure NFF Mode Yes
Constant Rate NFF Mode Yes
Parameters Collected/Displayed 10+
User-Definable System Alarms Yes
Color, Touch Screen HMI Yes, 10.4"
Stack Light Status Indicator No
Multiple User Accounts No
Multiple Permission Levels No
Multiple Recipe Storage No
On-Board Data Collection Yes
On-Board Trending Yes
OPC Software Option, Available Yes
SciLog Multiplexing System Option Available No
Input Voltage 120VAC, 208 1P US, 208 3P US, 240 1P EU
Current Required 20AMP
Pneumatic Requirements None