SciFlex 150 Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration Cross Flow Filtration System Front The SciFlex is a single-use bioprocessing platform for the semi-automation, optimization, and documentation of TFF Applications. The SciFlex 150 is ideal for Pilot level TFF processing and development. Via a color, touch screen HMI and pre-installed operational software, users have the ability to create and execute discrete processing steps for concentration and diafiltration. User-selectable end points and alarms enable hands-fee operation and ensure safe, consistent process performance.

Patented, proprietary technology enables automated system response to sensor feedback and the selectable maintenance of a user-definable flow rate or transmembrane pressure. FlexDaq, for installation on customer's PC, is an included real-time data collection and graphing software package. OPC connection for data historian is also available All wetted flow-path tube manifold components of the SciFlex 150 are considered a single-use consumable.

SciFlex Advantage

  • Accommodates filter cassettes or hollow fiber columns from GE, Millipore, Pall and Sartorius
  • Economically priced, small footprint (20"x32") TFF purification system.
  • Pre-assembled, disposable TFF tube manifolds with integrated temperature, pressure (3) and conductivity sensors are available from SciLog.
  • Connects to off-skid bag-suspension or floor scale (optional) for user-specified buffer transfer during TFF diafiltration.
  • Connects to electronic flow meter (optional) for user-definable solution transfer of permeate or bioreactor solution.
  • Automated, comprehensive documentation of all TFF process parameters. Documents and displays up to 15 TFF processing parameters.
  • OPC available for digital hook-up and information transfer to a customer data historian.

TFF Concentration

SciFlex 150 Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration System Side ViewTFF Concentration of dilute protein solution can be readily achieved with the SciFlex 150-TFF system. A dedicated peristaltic feed pump re-circulates the dilute protein solution through the TFF device. The selected filter porosity allows only solvent (water) and dissolved salts to pass through the filter while proteins and other large molecules remain in the retentate solution. The removal of water causes the gradual increase in retentate viscosity. In the Constant Pressure Mode, the SciFlex automatically maintains a selected trans-membrane pressure (TMP) by modulating the retentate re-circulation rate.

TFF Diafiltration

TFF Diafiltration of concentrated protein solution involves the removal of undesirable electrolyte (dissolved salt) which is collected as permeate. Utilizing a dedicated diafiltration pump, the SciFlex replaces the undesirable electrolyte by an equal volume of exchange buffer. Approximately five to ten (5x-10x) volume exchanges are typically required for substantial removal of undesirable electrolyte from the concentrated protein solution. The SciFlex 150-TFF provides automated pressure control, user-selected alarms as well as automated TFF data collection and trend graphing

SciFlex 150 Product Information

SciFlex 150 Models & Specs
Part Numbers: 900-050-4 900-050-5 900-050-6
Foot Print 20" x 36" 20" x 36" 20" x 36"
Single Use Yes Yes Yes
Flow Range (L/min) 0.5-14.5 1-20 0.25-8.2,
0.5 -12.5
Recommended Pump Head Peristaltic Peristaltic Peristaltic
Recommended Membrane Area (m²) 0.25-2 0.1-2.5 0.1-1.5,
0.1 - 1.75
Filter Type Hollow Fiber Flat Sheet Flat Sheet
Flow Path Flex Tubing, Single-Use Flex Tubing, Single-Use Flex Tubing, Single-Use
Typical Hold-up Volume < 200 mL < 400 mL < 400 mL
High Pressure Limit 30 PSI 30 PSI 60 PSI
Pressure Measurement 3 Sensors Included 3 Sensors Included 3 Sensors Included
Automated TMP Pressure Control 1 Yes Yes Yes
Automated TMP Pressure Control 2 Optional Optional Optional
Optimized for Microfiltration No No No
Conductivity Measurement 1 Sensor Included 1 Sensor Included 1 Sensor Included
Temperature Measurement 1 Sensor Included 1 Sensor Included 1 Sensor Included
Inlet Pump Manufacturer Watson Marlow Watson Marlow Watson Marlow
Inlet Pump Model 620R 701RE 620RE4
Diafiltration Pump Manufacturer Watson Marlow Watson Marlow Watson Marlow
Diafiltration Pump Model 620R 620R 620R
Permeate Pump Manufacturer NA NA NA
Permeate Pump Model NA NA NA
Integrated Diafiltration Pump Yes Yes Yes
Permeate Flow Meter Option Option Option
Permeate Flow Control No No No
Inlet Flow Control Yes Yes Yes
Total # of Automated Valves (Standard) 0 0 0
Diafiltration Pump Solution Access (Option) 2 2 2
Concentration Mode Yes Yes Yes
Diafiltration Mode Yes Yes Yes
Manual Mode Yes Yes Yes
Fill Mode Yes Yes Yes
NWP Mode No No No
Batch Mode (ex. Conc, Diafil, Conc) Yes Yes Yes
Parameters Collected/Displayed 17+ 17+ 17+
User-Definable System Alarms Yes Yes Yes
Color, Touch Screen HMI Yes, 10.4" Yes, 10.4" Yes, 10.4"
Stack Light Status Indicator No No No
Multiple User Accounts No No No
Multiple Permission Levels No No No
Multiple Recipe Storage No No No
On-Board Data Collection No No No
On-Board Trending No No No
GMP Compliance No No No
DeltaV Software Option, Available No No No
OPC Software Option, Available Yes Yes Yes
SciLog Multiplexing System Option Available Yes Yes Yes
Input Voltage 208 1P US, 208 3P US, 240 1P EU
Current Required 20AMP
Pneumatic Requirements 85PSI Dry, Clean Air or Nitrogen (Only if TMP Valve Option Ordered

¹ Method 1 - Via Rate Manipulation
² Method 2 - Via Proportional Control Valve in Retentate Line