SciPure 300 Automated Tangential Flow Filtration System and VesselSciPure Advantage

  1. Automated, quantitative concentration and diafiltration of biopharmaceutical solutions.
  2. Automated, comprehensive documentation of all TFF process parameters.
  3. Compatible with most filtration cartridges from GE, Millipore, Pall and Sartorius.
  4. Intuitive TFF process management tools. Optional OPC and DeltaV capabilities.

As with all SciPure models, a user friendly interface built on the familiar and reliable Windows XP operating system and .NET framework is provided. Administrative users have easy access to and control over all process parameters, users, permissions and recipes.

Administration, Documentation & Ease Of Use

Administrative users have complete control over user creation and passwords, alarm points, access permissions, log file exports, recipe creation and modification as well as process variables. The SciPure software maintains detailed logs for all parameters and system events for all users. On-board documentation and exported process files are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

The SciPure Is DeltaV CompatibleThe engineering team at SciLog has developed a hardware / software configuration that utilizes all of the capabilities of a traditional SciPure GMP with the addition of DeltaV. Every DeltaV enabled SciPure comes with a DeltaV controller connected to a network of Remote IO, Servo Drives, AUX Input Modules, etc. over a ModBus RS485 network. This allows for a minimal amount of space required for the control cabinet, keeping the size of your skid platform to a minimum. The system also comes with a configuration tool so that depending on the options added  to the system, the system dynamically to accommodates for the changes.

Whether seeking to add to an existing DeltaV deployment or  initiating a new DeltaV deployment, SciLog will work with you to accelerate  your deployment and assist in determining your licensing needs. This in turn, delivers powerful automation at an affordable price point.