LabTec Automated Fluid Dispensing System Setup

The LabTec Advantage:

The LabTec is an easy to use one touch fluid dispensing system, dispensing by volume, weight or weight ratio. Once the dispense volume is set up, the user can press a button (or footswitch) to initiate the high precision, high accuracy dispense ranging from milliliters to liters. The one touch calibration feature ensures aliquot accuracy and precision. Ten user defined dispensing volumes can be stored in the LabTec, and automated repetitive filling can be achieved using the number of dispenses setting. When connected to an electronic balance the LabTec can dispense by weight or perform a weight ratio dispense.

When sold with Microsoft Excel based SciDoc software, documentation capabilities include such as time stamp, sample count, Dispense Volume/weight, Cumulative Volume, and Pressure (when connected to a SciPres sensor).

LabTec Automated Dispensing System

The LabTec Peristaltic Dispensing System automates the dispensing and diluting of samples. The LabTec has three different dispensing capabilities:

  1. Volumetric Dispensing: Programmable batch-volume dispensing, e.g. the LabTec dispenses 10.00 ml in three seconds with a typical precision of better than 1%. Easy to enter and change aliquot sizes.
  2. Weight Dispensing: The LabTec can be interfaced with an electronic balance for dispensing solutions by weight rather than by volume. Dispensing liquids by weight eliminates the need for pump calibrations while, at the same time, providing a level of accuracy and precision.
  3. Weight Ratio Dispensing: The LabTec can be connected to an electronic scale platform to automatically weigh and dilute samples. Example: for a sample weighing 11.0 grams, the LabTec will automatically dispense 99.0 grams of diluent if the user defined weight ratio is set at 9.00. The LabTec will take 15 seconds to weigh the sample and to dispense the diluent; the typical dispensing precision is better than 0.5%

LabTec Automated Fluid Dispensing System Pump Head Options

LabTec Sample Preparation For Bacteriological Analysis

LabTec Automated Fluid Dispensing System SetupAutomated weighing and diluting of food samples can be readily implemented with SciLog's low cost LabTec dispenser. Only an approximate food sample size is needed. The SciLog LabTec dispenser calculates and rapidly dispenses the required diluent. LabTec dispenser increases the speed and increases the precision of the entire sample prep process by automating the weighing as well as the dilution process.

Real-Time Documentation

The SciDoc Documentation Package, used in conjunction with the LabTec, displays, calculates compiles, and documents 10 operating parameters; providing you with an instantaneous overview of your dispensing progress and status. This Excel based application also automatically populates graphs in real time. The LabTec gives you the information & control you need to optimize your dispensing for maximized accuracy.

LabTec Product Information

LabTec System Specs
  • Dimensions: Width: 5.75 in (14.6cm); Height: 8.5 in (212.6); Depth: 11in (27.9).
  • Weight: 14 lbs (6.4kg)
  • Enclosure: 16 Ga, aluminum baked epoxy blue
  • Pressure Range: Maximum pressure output at tandem peristaltic pump head is 45 psi. Has single point recalibration feature.
  • Pressure Displayed: Pressure displayed with a resolution of 0.1 psi; choice of bar, psi, kpa
  • I/O Ports:
    1. First serial port labeled Balance, Male DB9 connector for hook-up of electronic scale.
    2. Second Serial Port labeled "Printer", Female DB9; also used to interface to PC for data storage in an Excel file in your PC.
    3. External I/O port, Female DB37 connector; Used for remote On/Off control of FilterTec via footswitch.
    4. Optional pressure sensor interface available
  • Data Entry: Membrane keyboard with auditory feedback.
  • Power: 115/220-240 VAC, 60/50Hz, 75 Watts; double fused: T1AL 250V (CE: IR35A 250VAC)
  • Use Range: 4 to 40 C, 100% Humidity
LabTec Model Part Numbers
Part Number VAC Model Motor Pump Head Type Flow Rates Max
RPM Min. Max. PSI
200-LABT-1181 110V LabTec CP-120 160 Tandem Peristaltic (1081) 0.5 554 60
201-LABT-1181 220V
200-LABT-1182 110V LabTec CP-120 160 Tandem Peristaltic (1082) 9.6 412 60
201-LABT-1182 220V
200-LABT-1331 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Teflon -120) 174 2170 50
201-LABT-1331 220V
200-LABT-1332 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Teflon -184) 10 140 50
201-LABT-1332 220V
200-LABT-1333 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Ryton -1840) 30 312 50
201-LABT-1333 220V
200-LABT-1334 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Teflon - 040) 85 1075 50
201-LABT-1334 220V
200-LABT-1335 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Ryton - 200) 150 1910 50
201-LABT-1335 220V
200-LABT-1336 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear (Ryton - 201) 290 3700 50
201-LABT-1336 220V
200-LABT-1337 110V LabTec MP-320 3400 Magnetic Gear
(Carbon Graphite -187)
5 60 50
201-LABT-1337 220V
200-LABT-1341 110V LabTec FM-520 3400 Piston Pump Head (RH0CKC) 1 170 100
201-LABT-1341 220V
200-LABT-1342 110V LabTec FM-520 3400 Piston Pump Head (RH1CKC) 2 340 100
201-LABT-1342 220V
200-LABT-1682 110V LabTec CP-200 600 Tandem Peristaltic (1082) 59 2258 60
201-LABT-1682 220V
200-LABT-1681 110V LabTec CP-200 600 Tandem Peristaltic (1081) 2 1515 60
201-LABT-1681 220V

* Measured in mL/min.

LabTec Software
  • LabTec Software:
    1. Dispenses by volume, rapidly and with high precision
    2. Dispenses by weight, used with balance for rapid high precision filling by weight
    3. Weight ratio, automates weighing and diluting process and sample prep process
    4. Monitors back pressure of in-line sterilizing filters
    5. Alarms when back pressure of in-line sterilizing filter is plugged up and can no longer be used.
  • LabTec Settings:
    1. Save 10 Optimized Dispensing by Volume settings for rapid, high precision filling, from ml to liter aliquots; Typical precision of 0.5% by volume.
    2. Save 10 Optimized Dispensing by Weight settings for rapid, high precision filling by weight from grams to kilograms aliquots; Typical precision of 0.3% by weight.
    3. Save 10 Optimized Weight Ratio settings to automate the weighing and diluting process in sample preparation; Typical precision of 0.3% or better.
    4. Document each dispense or dilution for GLP or for inventory control; print out or data sent to spreadsheet in PC. (SciDoc feature)
  • Re-Cal Feature: Factory installed calibration curve for all tubing sizes. Front panel Re-cal key for single-point pump recalibration.
LabTec Options
  • LabTec Models: Optimal range for precision and speed of dispensing:
    1. LabTec CP-120: 0.2 ml to 50 ml aliquots of low viscosity, aqueous liquids. Typical precision 0.5% by vol. Tandem 1081 peristaltic pump head with variable speed max. 160 RPM motor
    2. LabTec CP-200: 10 ml to 2 liter aliquots of low or high viscosity liquids. Typical precision 0.5% by vol. Use with any thick, viscous liquids. Tandem 1082 peristaltic pump head with variable speed max. 600 RPM motor.
    3. LabTec MP-320: 4 ml to 3 liter aliquots of organic solvents, low viscosity. Typical precision 0.5% by vol. liquids. Magnetic gear head, 316SS chamber with Teflon gears with variable speed max. 3400 RPM motor.
  • LabTec Balance Options:
    1. Balance with capacity of 2,000 grams x 0.01 g and 8,100 g x 0.1 resolution are most popular.
    2. Larger balance capacities are available. Please Call SciLog with your requirements:  608-824-0500 or 800-955-1993
    3. Also Available: SciLog WeighStation
  • Pressure Sensors Options: Use with sterilizing filters to monitor filter back pressure and to alarm when need to change filter due to plugging up of filter.
  • Documentation Software for PC:
    1. SciDoc interface software with custom macros for Excel for data compilation. Sent to you ready to use.
    2. Complete process analysis with graphing of data.
    3. Real-time verification and documentation of process parameters.
  • Motor: Choice between three (3) motors (depending on pump head selection):
    • 160, 600, 3600 RPM at 30VDC, 3.8 Amps, Variable Pump Speed, optically encoded servo-controlled motors.