MabTec Advantage

The MabTec Ultra High Density Cell Culture system is a fully automated gravimetric bioreactor maintenance system. Its capabilities include automated Feed, Harvest, and Recirculation in fully disposable or hybrid bioreactor flowpaths. The system also includes the ability to conduct unattended bioreactor inoculations and/or pump flow reversals (to prevent filter fouling) all on one unit. The MabTec can feed bioreactor sizes from 50mL-2000L, and accommodates run times from hours-months.

Bioreactor Maintenance

MabTec Automated Perfusion SystemThe MabTec system is uniquely designed to provide a complete perfusion strategy to maintain fresh media in the reactor, remove spent media, and prevent the build-up of waste products: all without a scale under the bioreactor. By keeping bioreactor weight maintained to within 2 grams, and providing a constant stream of nutrient rich and pH buffered media, the bioreactor environment becomes ideal for ultra-high density cell cultures and provides production strains with the building blocks they need for increased efficiency.

Unattended Inoculation, Transfection, or Induction

Technology has developed to a stage where many things are done automatically; anyone can get a fresh cup of coffee made before they reach the kitchen. The MabTec is capable of the same thing for cell culture. Ever want to start a culture on a Friday afternoon, but then realize that induction or inoculation would have to happen over the weekend? One of the pre-programmed modes on the MabTec is capable of exactly that- simply set up the culture before leaving, program the automated MabTec unit, and be ready for harvest or further analysis on Monday.

Continuous Production

Continuous production is becoming more popular as the industry strives to bring products to market faster and cheaper. The growing popularity of this type of process generates the need for higher yields in shorter run times. One of the biggest obstacles to continuous production is monitoring media concentrations in the reactor and matching volumetric removal with volumetric addition of media, especially in strains that are sensitive to slight fluctuations in bioreactor conditions. By creating a PID loop in the feed and perfusion units that receives input from two scales, the MabTec completely eliminates this obstacle and automatically maintains the bioreactor media at a set point that will not overfeed/burst the bioreactor nor will it leave the cells dehydrated and starved.

Ultra High Density Cell Culture

MabTec Automated High Density Cell CultureAny application in which it is necessary to drive cell growth either for cell mass generation or for production has a maximum cell density. Typical fed-batch or concentrated fed-batch strategies approach the limits of gas dissolution constants and sometimes even space. Utilizing a perfusion strategy can tease these limits even higher. Perfusion strategies in the past have been shown to generate cell densities as high as 107 cells per mL or higher and this automated system can surpass even those results. The MabTec has successfully been used in a range of host organisms.

Bioreactor Feeding

MabTec Automated Perfusion SystemEach of the MabTec systems comes fully loaded with multiple automated modes so if one pump fails and needs to be replaced, then swapping another unit in will quickly return users to a functional state. While all of the MabTec modes are designed as standalone pieces, some of the additional built-in modes allow for automatic, non-continuous or bolus feeding independent of a perfusion strategy. In this way, the MabTec does not only serve for perfusion cell culture but can also accomplish any number of fed-batch or concentrated fed batch feed strategies as well.

MabTec Product Information

MabTec Options

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MabTec System Specs
  • Dimensions: Width: 5.75 in (14.6cm); Height: 8.5 in (212.6); Depth: 11in (27.9).
  • Weight: 14 lbs (6.4kg)
  • Enclosure: 16 Ga, aluminum baked epoxy blue
  • Pressure Range: Maximum pressure output at tandem peristaltic pump head is 45 psi. Has single point recalibration feature.
  • Pressure Displayed: Pressure displayed with a resolution of 0.1 psi; choice of bar, psi, kpa
  • I/O Ports:
    1. First serial port labeled Balance, Male DB9 connector for hook-up of electronic scale.
    2. Second Serial Port labeled "Printer", Female DB9; also used to interface to PC for data storage in an Excel file in your PC.
    3. External I/O port, Female DB37 connector; Used for remote On/Off control of PureTec via footswitch.
    4. Optional pressure sensor interface available
  • Data Entry: Membrane keyboard with auditory feedback.
  • Power: 115/220-240 VAC, 60/50Hz, 75 Watts; double fused: T1AL 250V (CE: IR35A 250VAC)
  • Use Range: 4 to 40 C, 100% Humidity