Media Prep Station Microbial Sample Preparation System SetupMedia Prep Station™ (MPS)

Do you need sterile, hot media delivered quickly and in high precision aliquots? Then you need the SciLog Media Prep. Station.

The SciLog Media Prep Station™ is a walk-up food microbial sample prep station that quickly and easily delivers hot water in high precision aliquots to your pre-packaged media packet (such as DuPont StatMedia).

The MPS Advantage

Simplify your food microbial sample prep with SciLog's Media Prep Station™(MPS):

  1. No autoclaving of your water needed.
    SciLog's MPS filter sterilizes the hot water as you need it.
  2. No storage of large media filled containers needed.
    Dispense the water/media as you need it. Eliminates storage issues and investment of large quantities of containers.
  3. No media storage in incubators.
    Because MPS filter sterilizes the water/media as you need it. No need to worry about storing and having enough media available when you need it. It is available on-demand with the SciLog Media Prep Station™.
  4. Speed up the microbial testing process of cold samples.
    Simply add your cold samples (e.g.: cold meat samples) into the hot, temperature controlled media.

The SciLog Media Prep Station™ delivers its ease of use and accelerated media preparation through the combined use of:

  • Media Prep Station Microbial Sample Preparation System Setup

    An on-board, in-line water heater that maintains water temperature at a predetermined level during recirculation (between 32° and 48° Celcius),
  • An in-line sterilizing filter,
  • An in-line disposable pressure sensor (the SciLog SciPres) that monitors the status of the filter,
  • An on-board automated alarm system,
  • A SciLog LabTec high precision, programmable dispensing unit,
  • A SciLog ACCU recirculation pump,
  • DuPont StatMedia water soluble packets for microbial enrichment media,
  • An optional scale (not pictured) is available for dispensing by weight

Dispensing accuracy and precision is assured with a simple, single key re-calibration feature. For ease of use, up to ten user-defined dispensing volumes can be stored in the LabTec . For inventory control purposes all dispensing activity can be tracked on the easy-to-read display or documented and archived in your PC.

LabTec Automated Dispensing System

The LabTec Peristaltic Dispensing System automates the dispensing and diluting of samples. The LabTec has three different dispensing capabilities:

  • Volumetric Dispensing: Programmable batch-volume dispensing, e.g.: the LabTec dispenses 10.00 ml in three seconds with a typical precision of better than 1%. Easy to enter and change aliquot sizes.
  • Weight Dispensing: The LabTec can be interfaced with an electronic balance for dispensing solutions by weight rather than by volume. Dispensing liquids by weight eliminates the need for pump calibrations while, at the same time, providing a level of accuracy and precision.
  • Weight Ratio Dispensing: The LabTec can be connected to an electronic scale platform to automatically weigh and dilute samples. Example: for a sample weighing 11.0 grams, the LabTec will automatically dispense 99.0 grams of diluent if the user defined weight ratio is set at 9.00. The LabTec will take 15 seconds to weigh the sample and to dispense the diluent; the typical dispensing precision is better than 0.5%.

LabTec Sample Preparation For Bacteriological Analysis

Automated weighing and diluting of food samples can be readily implemented with SciLog's low cost LabTec dispenser. Only an approximate food sample size is needed. The SciLog LabTec dispenser calculates and rapidly dispenses the required diluent. LabTec dispenser increases the speed and increases the precision of the entire sample prep process by automating the weighing as well as the dilution process.