VitaPump Vitamin Metering SystemVitaPump Advantage

The VitaPump system consists of a SciLog Smart VitaPump, scale and documentation to printer or PC. The pump/scale combination provides high accuracy metering, without need for pump calibrations and provides enhanced monitoring of vitamin usage during fluid milk processing.

The continuously self-calibrating system has been used for metering of vitamins D, A & D, A & E in batch, as well as continuous milk processing applications. Typical precision and long-term accuracy are better than 0.5%.

Real-Time Documentation of Usage Rates

The amount of dispensed vitamin, as well as the long-term usage rate are displayed and printed out. The VitaPump system can be remotely controlled using an external relay, or connected to your PLC. Alternatively, all vitamin metering data can be displayed and archived on your PC or used with the printer that plugs directly into the VitaPump to easily document the process for FDA compliance.

Available in Two Models

Depending on your requirements, different flow rates and operating pressures can be obtained easily, from 0.5 grams/min to 554 grams/min. Peristaltic model works up to max 30 psi, piston model up to 100 psi.

Peristaltic Models

VitaPump Vitamin Metering System Peristaltic and Piston Pump Heads

For applications where the vitamin is injected into the processing vessel under low pressure, use the peristaltic model with flexible pump tubing. It provides a low-cost, reliable vitamin pumping capability.

Sanitary Piston Models

Where the vitamin is injected into processing lines that have pressures up to 100 psi, the rotary piston model is recommended. This piston VitaPump has wetted parts of stainless steel and ceramic and is able to pump against a back pressure up to 100 psi. Meets FDA 3A standards.